Compassion | Outreach

At OKC Faith we have a deep passion to connect our community with the Love of Jesus Christ.

Faith is committed to not only sharing Jesus with others, but also showing Jesus to others. This is demonstrated through our Compassion | Outreach Ministries in which we provide food and clothing to families in time of crisis. We also host city-wide compassion ministries that demonstrate the love of God in a tangible way through Feeding 5000 (Back-to-School Supplies) and other benevolent ministries.


We are partnering with an incredible disaster relief organization called “CONVOY OF HOPE” to assist the devastated areas in the Bahamas and all along the East Coast of the United States. Convoy of Hope begins by providing “First-Responder Relief” in the form of boats and relief effort vehicles that quickly move into the disaster areas to rescue trapped and injured survivors. In each boat and relief effort vehicle there are first aid equipment, fresh water and food supplies to give immediate aid to those they are transporting.  

Once these hurricane victims reach a “relief zone”, Convoy of Hope provides shelter, clothing, showers, hygiene products, warm meals, fresh water, dry beds, baby formula/diapers, blankets and more – to simply help these families catch their breath and rebuild their strength.  

A critical part of this “sheltering” experience includes providing Christian Counselors to families – especially to those who have lost family members in the storm. They provide prayer chapels, new Bibles and devotional guides to help them connect with God in their time of devastation.  

As soon as the government will allow, they then provide transportation back into the devastated areas to help them try to locate and secure any personal items they can possibly find; including providing tools like shovels, generators, chainsaws, ATV’s, wagons, water-proof storage containers and more. 

As you can see, CONVOY OF HOPE is a comprehensive approach to rescuing,  sheltering, assisting and ministering to those who have experienced this devastation. For this reason, we are inviting you to join us in helping to bring rescue, relief and support to as many people as possible – as quickly as possible. THIS IS OUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE A “FIRST-RESPONDER” by giving to this hurricane relief effort. Click the "Support Disaster Victims" button below to be directed to our giving page. You'll see the 'Hurricane Dorian' line to give directly to this cause. Thanks in advance for your support - not only financially, but in prayers. Every dollar matters - every dollar counts! God bless you!

Backpack | Feeding 5000

Backpack | Feeding 5000 is an annual event each August where we invite 5000 people to come receive help. Each school-aged child receives a backpack full of school supplies and both the children and adults receive a gospel presentation using contemporary themes and a free meal. This is the largest back-to-school outreach in Oklahoma. Over 50,000 recipients have received over 1 million school supplies as a result of this amazing community event!

Church Under the Bridge

Church Under the Bridge's vision is to restore hope to the homeless and hurting. We have adopted the theory that in order to reach people that no one is reaching, we must do things that no one is doing. It is our vision to maintain status as a church without walls. We are here to minister and to serve those who do not feel comfortable within the confines of traditional church. Faith Church partners with Church Under the Bridge Ministries on the first Sunday of every month to provide church services and a meal to the less fortunate in the OKC Metro.

Feel free to contact Robin Bates at 405-948-7100 for more details about how you can

get involved and serve in this great outreach opportunity.

Grief Care

Grief Care is a ministry provided to help those who have lost a loved one through death or divorce. Psychologists have determined that the absolute worst stress a person can experience in life is when a family member dies or divorces. The result is grief and bereavement. Grief Care is a time of sharing, counseling, and comfort that brings relief in the midst of grief. We have counseling sessions and journey through the Word of God for answers to the problems faced in these situations.

For more information, please contact Pastor Doug Muchow at 405-948-7100.