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"How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news..." - Isaiah 52:7

Faith Church's Global Missionary Partners:

Partner by sponsoring one or more of our 60 full-time missionaries. Those who sponsor a missionary for $100 or more per month will receive a missionary support certificate that will include a photo of the missionary/family, along with their geographical or specific missionary assignment. You may also choose to receive email newsletters, updates, and prayer requests from your sponsored missionary (except those in "sensitive countries"/Communist/Muslim

countries where missions work is prohibited).

Faith Church’s Global Missions Partners:

Partner by giving any designated amount each week/month to support Faith Church's Global Missions Strategy. Any amount you give to missions will be applied 'where most needed' based on current projects or funding needed for a specific missionary. For example: if you give $10/week, your annual missions giving would be approximately $500/year. We would spread your donations across all missionaries and projects for the current year. If you simply give $20/week, your annual missions giving would be approximately $1,000/year. While most people can't write a one-time check for $1,000, or even $10,000 - by giving faithfully and consistently each week/month, you can give more and have a great

impact through our Global Missions Strategy.

Build a "Legacy Church" in a third-world country (Africa, Asia, Latin America) for only $10,000! This church could be built as a personal missions goal of your family, or in honor of a deceased loved one, or as a class/group project. Each church that is built will have an average ministry life span of 50 years and will have a dedication plaque placed on the building recognizing the gift being from you/your family/church, or in memory of your deceased love one - or in the name of your class/ministry group. Photos of the construction and completed project will be provided to you. Those interested in doing so may (at their own, additional expense) choose to attend the dedication of the building. This also applies to digging fresh water wells. Your donation of $5,000 will give fresh water access to a community in Ghana!